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Meet Dr Kashyap Goyal: Pulmonary Specialist, Global Thinker
27 May 2017, Saturday

Meet Dr Kashyap Goyal: Pulmonary Specialist, Global Thinker

Dr Kashyap is a pulmonary specialist focusing on lung and chest diseases. He is a young and energetic doctor in the well-recognised medical college and hospital facility of DMC, Ludhiana, Punjab. The hospital is accredited by the Medical Council of India for the MBBS course as well as several speciality courses. Dr Kashyap has done his MBBS as well as MD (post-graduation) in Pulmonary diseases from the same institution. He is passionate about learning new treatments and technologies for advanced practices to better serve his patients.

DrCommune.com as a platform of knowledge sharing among doctors

Dr Kashyap believes that this is a great platform for the doctors to connect with each other. Most doctors are very busy with the patients, taking time out for research is always limited. And for those fortunate enough to attend conferences, most times, they remain constrained to network with doctors either in the same institute, region or specialty. With a global platform like DrCommune, doctors can connect with each other and expand their network to help better understand complex issues or just share knowledge. Through this platform, doctors from different countries can support and motivate each other while sharing their acquired knowledge. He says "I came across the website DrCommune.com and the vision really appealed to me. I find it really encouraging. I think this is the right time for something like this. A global connection can make good affordable health care services accessible to each and every patient. Low cost carriers have made travel within reach of more people. I am really looking forward to connecting to the doctors in other countries for consultation purpose. I am sure, such kind of knowledge sharing can help several patients at home."

A Cross Border Referral Platform: Doctors Connecting Patients To The Care They Need

He is a forward thinker. He says almost every industry and business think on a global scale, but medicine is still very insular. More doctors need to connect on a rudimentary level. Currently partnerships across borders happen between big hospitals and institutes exist but individual doctors and their clinics need international exposure to improve and remain viable. The world is a global village. Doctors across countries may have different standards, but they all want the best for their patients. At DrCommune, we are a platform for passionate doctors like Dr Kashyap, to connect with doctors of other expertise so that he can serve his patients better.

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