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Dental Tourism, Are You Ready For It?
15 June 2017, Thursday

Dental Tourism, Are You Ready For It?

Dental services has one of the fastest growing demand in the healthcare sector. Globally, dental care market is expected to reach USD 6.5 billion by 2022. The segment comprises of all treatment that focuses on the oral cavity and oral diseases. Aside from deep clinical expertise required for services like root canal (Endodontics) and jaw alignment (Maxillo Facial Surgery), the increasing demand also covers basic services like oral check-ups and cleaning.   Finally, a growing area of interest are of an aesthetic nature that includes dental implants, laser whitening, smile makeover.  

Dental services are costly and few medical insurances cover this. There is a growing trend for western patients coming into Asia for such services. Asia’s reputation for quality doctors and clinics and affordability are catering to a growing patient base from all around the world. According to digital publication dentaldepartures.com, the average cost for a full crown in Australia AUD $1459, at a dentist in Malaysia AUD $498. 

 Worldwide, Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region for dental demands with a CAGR of 16.8% owing to the reasons such as increasing spending capabilities of middle class, increasing awareness on treatment options, enhancement in dental technologies and innovations as well as options of more affordable dental services.  

Now with the ease of travel and differences of exchange rate dental tourism has provided opportunities for dental specialists as well as the patients. Patients are no longer limited by affordability and expertise within their boundaries. There are several countries to choose for medical tourism in dental services and most of them are Asian countries. Many Australians travel to Malaysia and Thailand probably due to easy access. According to one of the medical tourism specialist travel agency, there are around 11,000 overseas patients yearly in Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok out of which 500-600 are Australians. The hospital provides international standard of dental services and many doctors are certified in USA, UK, Japan and Australia.  

Patients who are considering dental tourism are advised to verify the credentials of their doctors and their registration before they proceed for overseas dental care services. 

DrCommune, believes the best person to assess the clinical skills and suitability of your selected overseas doctor, is another doctor. We built a community of doctors who believe in working together across border for better patients care and affordability.  

www.drcommune.com is a website that helps you find a local doctor who can help connect you to an overseas doctor of your choice and be a source of advice and follow up care. 

DrCommune Feature Doctor: 

Dr Anish Goyal is a prosthodontist & implant specialist at Dental Arch, Gurugram, India. He is a specialist in aesthetic crown & bridges, artificial teeth, bleaching, cast partial denture, cosmetic dentistry, fillings, fixed partial denture, implants and fixed dentures. He completed his masters’ dental education from Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal. He is also post-graduate in implantology and laser dentistry from Manipal University. He completed his postgraduate certification course in advanced oral implantology from Nobel Biocare in August 2013. Dr. Goyal keeps himself abreast with the latest advancements in the field of dentistry. 

Dr Goyal is open to partnerships and referrals.  

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