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DrCommune: Championing Small Practices With Big Passion To Heal
18 July 2017, Tuesday

DrCommune: Championing Small Practices With Big Passion To Heal

Healthcare is a booming business.

According to Health Tourism Index, the market is valued at $100b and from a report issued by VISA and Oxford Economics in 2016, the industry is projected to grow up to 25% year-over-year for the next 10 years as an estimated three to four percent of the world’s population will travel internationally for healthcare and health-related treatment. Partnerships are not uncommon between big chain clinics and medical companies.

But what about the small and medium sized clinics or the solo medical practitioners. What are their options for growth?

DrCommune believes when individuals who care come together, they can rival any big business.

The platform is a simple concept where Doctors who believe in sharing knowledge and patients, can grow, in knowledge, stature and revenue. What kind of partnerships can help you achieve that?

Types of Partnerships:

1. Potential for Partnerships Referrals

A lack of referral systems can hinder access to care, particularly in developing areas. About half of the seven-billion world population live in rural areas. Knowledge on conditions that require referrals as well as information on who to refer to, are issues faced by local providers of care. They can be traditional healers, mid wives even local family physician. DrCommune functions as a referral platform. It does not have an electronic medical record storage and retrieval system at the moment, but it allows you to select partners, communicate with them and negotiate agreement as well as make payment. Local practitioner can reach out to specialist to ask, to learn and to refer. Conversely, specialist can reach out to local or traditional doctors to offer your availability for knowledge and specific skillsets to encourage referral.

2. Clinical Advise

Medical training through its specialization has made doctors masters of their specific area, but may not be well versed in every medical condition. That’s is why it is importance to have a network that allows them to do quick checks and referrals. Doctors in the Commune are encouraged to reach out and connect with doctors of different specialty to form their ready network. In situations of a particularly tricky case that you need advice on. Reaching out to your ready partners is a breeze. Being part of a regional network will raise the stature of your practice. Some patients might be willing to pay premium knowing your clinic has a connection to a team of overseas specialists.

3. Business Advise

Different culture, nuances, race and religion makes caring for foreign patients that much more complicated. You may have patients from a particular country and need advice on how to better communicate or service them.

4. Networking

The world is a global village. Exchange of information, ideas and techniques are expanding exponentially. You may seek to expand your outlook by visiting different practices, fraternities and hospitals in the different countries. You like to reach out to a commune member to help facilitate an introduction to the right person or institution.

How To Form Partnerships On DrCommune:

1. Select

The platform is structured for ease of use. Simply scroll through the doctors directory in your dashboard, to select potential partners and initiate a conversation.

2. Agreement

A simple agreement can be negotiated between the doctors themselves. Once confirmed, a partnership is locked in. The agreement is archived in your partnership folder.

3. Optional : Payment & Feedback

Any service or administrative fee required can be paid to each other on the site. Feedback can also be given. The receiving doctors can choose to post the feedback as a signal of trust, or keep the feedback quiet.

Venture Forth And Grow On Your Own Terms

In a world of big businesses, maintain your individuality and shine through with originality. Grow on your terms. Make friends and strengthen bonds across the regions. Reach out and explore your potential.