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In Conversation with Dr Azahar - Traditional Medicine Practitioner Managing the Health of His Community
12 August 2017, Saturday

In Conversation with Dr Azahar - Traditional Medicine Practitioner Managing the Health of His Community

We catch up with Dr Azahar-uddin Sarkar, one of the earlier members of DrCommune. A seasoned medical practitioner of traditional medicine in Bangladesh. 

DrAzahar shares that through his many years of experience, the type of cases he sees in his area of work as a trusted medical practitioner in his community. He has developed remedies that can assist patients in managing their conditions.

In Conversation with Dr Azahar-uddin Sarkar

One of the more common diseases he has managed is heart conditions. Probably due to the customary dietary habit of Bangladeshis that is high in fats. Dr Azahar has a special bled of natural herbs that he puts in capsules for ease of consumption. Depending on the severity, he has developed a systematic dosage that have brought relief to many patients. 

It is also not uncommon for Dr Azahar to deal with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). This is largely due to insufficient education on STDs, in addition to poor hygiene. He has natural remedies in the form of tablets, ointment or in its natural state that can provide relief. But in stances like severe Gonorea, there is a limit to what herbal remedies can do and it may affect the kidneys. For women with vaginal infection, he is always cautious as the symptoms may be signs of cancer. 

Finally, there is skin wounds like sores and ulcers, particularly for the hands and legs. Mainly due to poor environmental conditions and inadequate hygiene, simple wounds can fester and turn septic. Dr Azahar advises the use of hot water and a clean cloth to clean the wound. He has a concocted solution to provide some relief. However, he cautions against leaving the wounds unattended as it could lead to amputation and even death.  

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