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Doctors: How to Develop a Digital Presence
28 February 2017, Tuesday

Doctors: How to Develop a Digital Presence

According to global agency Wearesocial, there are over 6.3 million people in South East Asia alone. Over 40% of them are active internet users. With healthcare tourism on track to grow to US$35.2 billion, the bulk of which is coming to asia, and knowing that 90% of people search online for information on doctors before they see them, it is vital to have a well managed digital presence. This is especially so for the stand alone private practice clinic.  

1.    Establish Your Brand

A doctor can start his presence online through various ways like by:-

  1. Starting a blog/ website
  2. Online profile on Google+
  3. Starting a Facebook page
  4. Profile on LinkedIn
  5. Making informational videos on YouTube
  6. Creating own website

If you have no idea on the first thing to do. You could explore gig economy sites like Fiverr.com or Upwork.com to find a digital professional to do this for you. Depending on your requirements, it could cost tens of dollars or a few hundred.

2.    Spend Some Time to Curate Your Content

You don’t have to go on all platforms, just as many as you are comfortable with. However, the information must be consistent. When doctors create online profiles, you must manage your online reputation on a regular basis. Some platforms like Facebook allows doctors to engage with the patients easily. You must maintain a professional image throughout every interaction. You must not confuse this profile with your personal one.

Have engaging and interesting articles posted or comment on links that reflects the standard and area of your expertise. Refresh the content as regularly as you can. For the busy professional, once a week will suffice.

3.    Bolster Your Presence on Professional Networking Sites

As much as you would like potential patients to know you, it is more important to use the internet as a tool to bolster your professional network. Professional sites like Linked In are established platforms or you may search for your prefered specialty related site. Newer platforms like social enterprise Drcommune.com are specific sites that are formed for the specific goal of getting doctors to know each other.

In a study lead by Dr. Christopher B. Forrest, from the department of pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, more patients would follow through with a referral if they had more discussion with their primary care doctor. According to Forrest, patients are more likely to go to a specialist if their primary care doctor makes the appointment.

Put the effort to engage and communicate with your peers in the region.

Digital and social media platforms are now widely used by hospitals and many reputable organizations to communicate and engage patients and the public. It is a vital tool for doctors in private practice to grow their practice.

Taking the leap and you will find that the returns are well worth the effort.

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