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How Small Clinics Can Survive in Todays Big Business World
01 March 2017, Wednesday

How Small Clinics Can Survive in Todays Big Business World

There is no doubt in saying that small clinics across the world are facing countless challenges. According to the National Rural Health Association, more than one-third of small clinics were operating at a deficit in 2013. Many small clinics have closed and because of all this, leaders of communities are worried that villagers or residents in small towns will have limited access to healthcare as doctors find it easier to join big hospitals instead of opening their own private practice. Small clinics at the end of the day, are businesses concerned about the financial viability of their facilities.

According to Greg Charleston (senior managing director of financial advisory firm Conway MacKenzie plus the leader of the Healthcare Advisory Services Group), small clinics have a affinity to have a high amount of Medicaid and indigent patients than suburban hospitals".

Now in today's big business world, it becomes difficult for the small clinics to survive. There are various ways or drivers behind the financial struggles small clinics face. However, the issues these facilities are encountering can be overcome. Their survival is crucial because small clinics are important pillars in the markets they serve.

Determine the market:- To survive small clinics have to deep dive into their patient base to analyse the issues for the declining numbers as well as to better understand their customer profile. An assumption is made by all small clinics that patients will come to them due to proximity, however, with the ease of transportation and the access to information on the internet, that may not be the case. Clinics need to do more than just put a sign up on their doors. After knowing about their position in the market, the doctor must then make plans, strategise on how to increase their market and how to attract the patients.

Efficiency:-  Large hospitals and clinics are popular because of the efficiency and the wide range of services they offer. No doubt, that the personalised services offered by small clinics are too of high quality, but, small clinics do not have the economies of scale of large practices or hospitals. So focus on your strength and work with others to buffer the other areas of need.

Affiliation:- Affiliation is one of the main things that can help small clinics to survive in today's big business world. A clinic can increase access to resources as well as can enhance the services offered by it with the affiliation with a larger system. This also helps the small clinics in preserving their connection with the local residents and offer wider range of services.

Merging:- To survive in today's big business world, small clinics can consider merging. But, if a small clinic is considering a merger, the main thing is to determine is whether there is a right partner. Is there a way to test out joint projects on a small scale before integrating the whole practice into a joint system.

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