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Let Go of Your Patients to Grow Your Practice
07 May 2017, Sunday

Let Go of Your Patients to Grow Your Practice

For many Bangladeshis, India is one of the most popular choices for healthcare. A report by KPMG, in 2015 said Bangladesh accounts for the highest number of medical tourists (22 per cent) coming to India. This is unsurprising as Dhaka is only 250km from Kolkata. There are increasing flights not to mention bus services, in addition to the option of driving across the border.

A booming economy of GDP growth accelerated to a six-year high in FY 2016 has improved infrastructure and increased availability of healthcare services, however, many of those who can afford it, still prefer to travel out for their healthcare needs. For the well-heeled, there is always the option of healthcare in Europe, US or closer to home, Singapore. If price tags are not an issue, there are brand name hospitals with highly regarded processes, impressive infection control procedures and top surgeons and doctors who trained internationally.

Those who look for value would often consider India. According to a report by Grant Thornton, India's medical tourism market, which is valued at $3 billion at present, is expected to touch $8 billion by 2020. There are hospitals and centres that are internationally accredited with standards like JCI in India, making them world class medical facilities. Well trained doctors specializing in areas of Dental care, Cosmetic Surgery, Coronary Bypass, Heart Surgeries, Eye surgeries, Knee Replacements, Valve replacements and traditional treatments such as  Ayurvedic Therapies. Some facilities combines the traditional experience with the modern treatments.

Bangladeshis will continue to be a large participant of the Indian Health tourism scene. Not only because of proximity but the food and language is familiar and comforting. Some facilities even accept the option of payment in Taka.

A rising tide for Health tourism is the perfect backdrop on how Indian and Bangladeshi doctors can work together to grow their practice. Indian doctors who have a network of Bangladeshi colleagues will be in a good position for growing referrals. Bangladeshi doctors who have a good network of Indian doctor colleagues will be held in good repute by patients who will perceive your clinic as having a network of skilled physician. In addition, pre hospitalization tests and follow up care can be done locally before and after the patient travels.

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